Access Consciousness

I met Access Consciousness®, (Access for short), in June 2012 at an event in Colorado. As a Holistic  Health Educator, I have explored new modalities for over 30 year – and yet I hadn’t even heard of Access and it has been in existence for over 25 years. When I heard about “Access Bars®” at this event, I thought, “Great, I love Access Bars,” thinking it was the Melaleuca company’s energy snack!

And so I had my first Bars® session, in the exhibit hall at the event. It changed so much, right away; I felt more relaxed and spacious, yet I couldn’t put my finger on any one thing being different – it was more of a global, below the surface shift. I had other commitments at the event, so I didn’t have any further interaction with the Access crew there, except in passing.

It took me a while to connect with someone from whom I could take a class, but once I did, it was such a wonderful modality that I knew that I had to become a Bars® Facilitator myself so I could offer the Bars® to as many people as possible.

There are many Access tools and techniques, and I have found them all wonderfully effective, although I have a few favorites – like the Bars®.

One of the most appealing things for me about Access is that as the tagline says,  it is about “empowering people to know that they know.” So the work begins and carries on with questions – questions to bring up one’s own awareness versus seeking a particular answer.

Access is truly one of the weirdest modalities ever, and I love that it works! So many clients and class participants have reported incredible shifts – even after just one session. Physical or emotional problems that they had just “gotten used to” because nothing else had ever worked, simply disappeared when they had their Bars® run!!

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