Happy Sun Return

It is December 21, 2014 and today is the shortest day of the year, and marks the end of the sun’s retreat south; even though the nights will still be long, every day will be getting longer.

Are you aware of an area or two in your life that seem to never change, no matter what you do to create change? What if things are changing but you haven’t been able to notice the change because it seems too small – after all, don’t we tend to seek the big, amazing changes?

So what if you could practice knowing that change is happening, instead of focusing on what you’ve labeled as never-changing, even if the change seems minute?

Are you wondering how to practice knowing? One cool practice is to set a timer to go off at various times throughout the day, (yay smart phones), and when it goes off, ask yourself, “What do I notice about how I feel?” If you are feeling good, happy, excited, peaceful, and other pleasant feelings/sensations, then the thoughts that you have allowed into your mind are worth the energy. If you are instead feeling grumpy, sad, anxious and other unpleasant feelings/sensations, the thoughts that are taking up precious space in your mind are definitely not worth the energy.

There are many useful tools for changing your mind. One tool that I find useful is to play with the words in the thoughts, for instance, if I catch myself thinking thoughts that feel heavy, I wonder what the opposite thoughts would be. Sometimes it can seem easier to know what we would like to have by stating what we know we are not interested in … so as I become aware of those heavy thoughts, I can replace them with their opposite and see what happens.

And the delightful thing about all this is that you needn’t take my word for it – give it a try and see what you notice!

Welcome to a new spiral on the Wheel of Life ~ here’s to more wonder, joy and inner peace than you have even dreamt of!
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