Private Sessions

Working in person and by distance with modern technology, you can choose to have private sessions with me. There are a number of possibilities:

Access Bars®
32 points on the head which when lightly held delete years of accumulated energy blocks that interfere with having greater ease, joy and wellness in your life. 1-1/2 hours, for more information about the Bars, click here: Access Bars

Access Energetic Facelift®
A delightful way to rejuvenate the face and reverse the appearance of aging on the face and neck. It also has similar effects throughout the body. 1-1/2 hours, for more information about the Energetic Facelift, click here: Access Energetic Facelift

Access Abuse Hold®
Abuse comes in many forms and from many directions. All too often we learn to abuse ourselves in our early lives when we pick up other peoples’ points of view of how we are ‘supposed’ to be, do, and live our lives. We then continue to ‘wrong’ ourselves, guilt ourselves, and shame ourselves. In this private session, you have the possibility of releasing the accumulation of years of self/other abuse. 1-1/2 hours, for more information about the Abuse Hold, click here: Access Abuse Hold

Medicine Wheel, Private Session
Would you like to discover a ceremonial way to deepen your connection to your true being, and the Earth? The Medicine Wheel ceremony is a delightful way to physically sense your forever connection to you and to the Earth. I wonder what you can rediscover? 1-1/2 hours, for more information, click here: Medicine Wheel.

Would you like to discover if working with me will assist you with in making dynamic changes in your life?

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