What if Life is the Ceremony?

One of the things that I noticed as I began my journey along the Medicine Wheel path, was how much care my teacher gave to each part of the process of the ceremonies she shared with us.

As I gradually stepped up and stepped into being a guide with the Medicine Wheel, I emulated her deep care and caring ways. This was natural for me, as I had always had an inner experience of being aware of the sacred in life – even though I didn’t see many people where I grew up living in sacred space. By this I mean that I didn’t witness it – not that the people I knew didn’t experience it within themselves – and I deeply longed for this sense of the sacred …

As I continued my journey with the Medicine Wheel, I got better and better at asking questions of the Medicine Wheel directly. One day as I was sitting with my personal Medicine Wheel, I wondered about how some people I had met along the way seemed to make certain things about ceremony very significant, in a manner that I perceived to be more of a hindrance to being in sacred space, rather than contributing to it.

Earlier, I had read an article that spoke of “spiritual materialism” and I recognized that both collecting sacred items, and making particular ceremonies significant could be serving ego needs rather than assisting one in breaking through the impediments of these self-imposed limitations.

I remember in my early days of participating in ceremonies and learning from elders, I would think I wanted a particular item, say a feather or a drum, or an experience that I heard other people describe of visions or special, seemingly magical moments; I had the idea that it would make my path more real or valid somehow. I soon realized that I was mistaken in this idea.

Again, as I sat with the Medicine Wheel, I asked to be shown something that would assist me in finding my way through my wondering. Immediately I received a response:

What if Life itself is the Ceremony? What if the ceremonies people participate in are actually ways of practicing being more present and aware – so they can be better at being present when they go back to their day-to-day lives? What if the way people purify themselves and their ceremonial objects during ceremony is preparing them to be more careful and caring with everything they touch?

I saw then that I didn’t have to wait to be in ceremony, that I could live each day as the sacred moment I experienced when I participated in ceremonies. Since then I have forgotten this awareness at times; getting a little too involved in busy-ness of my days. Yet I always return to this knowing and celebrate that being here on the Earth with “all my relations” is what I came to experience.

What do you know about living your life in a sacred, whole-hearted manner? How would you choose to live your daily life if you truly knew that the Universe is completely looking out for you?

Many blessings,


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